Who are we?
A world leader in developing, marketing and support of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies and applications, Ligature develops, markets and supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies and applications, standing out in the field of OCR because of its unique approach to development and innovation. In addition to our devoted Marketing and Sales department, the Ligature team is comprised of mathematicians, scientists and engineers who focus on three areas:
Working with OEMS, VARs and System Integrators to incorporate CharacterEyes® into software applications and hardware products
Providing OCR based solutions for specialized markets
Working with strategic partners to develop specialized applications based on OCR technology
More bout Us
In 1989, a team of leading math, statistics, and computer science specialists, united by a vision of developing the best OCR software possible, founded Ligature. In less than one year the Ligature team produced a working OCR product. In 1991 the company completed development of its first generation Omnifont products for both Hebrew and Latin characters. The Hebrew product met with immediate and remarkable success in the Israeli market.
Ligature has always concentrated on special development projects and has entered into several strategic partnerships. One special project, in particular, spawned the development of Ligature's breakthrough technology: OCR-on-a-Chip. Ligature is always attuned to additional development partners for applications based on OCR technology. The company is exploring new avenues for distribution and for the application of its OCR technologies. Today, Ligature's OCR solutions are distributed around the world and are integrated in numerous software programs, hardware products and specialized applications selling millions of licenses worldwide. Ligature remains committed to developing the best OCR solutions and to the improvement of its OCR engine. 


Ligature's 32-bit OCR utilizes state of the art technology including neural networks, stochastic algorithms, linguistic analysis and adaptive learning.
All products run under Windows '95, '98, 2000, ME, and NT, XP, 7.
All major TWAIN compliant scanners are supported.


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